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Piperpiperpiper - Global Remote Work / Living

"The future of work is global remote. Piperpiperpiper accelerates the new way of working and living, supporting digital nomads from all walks of life." - piperpiperpiper

For Companies

Price compare

For most companies, cost is an important factor. The price of a job posting at piperpiperpiper is only $USD 199 (approximately £149 GBP).

weworkremotely$USD 29930%
glassdoor$USD 39549%
linkedin*$USD ????%

*linkedin has some interesting pricing, based on click through and tiers.


Piperpiperpiper uses a range of social network tools and targeted marketing tools to reach a high quality pool of candidates. The user experience of our application is fast, simple and stable.

We encourage our applicants to use a well formatted application materials (CVs, letters), so you can focus on sourcing the best candidates globally.

Post a Job

The price of a job posting is only $USD 199 (approximately £149 GBP).

What is included?

  • Your job posting will be hand reviewed and optimised by our team
  • The job posting will be live for the current quarter
  • Your posting is promoted with "promoted" tag

How do I post a new Job?

Please fill in google forms at and we will get back to you via email/whatsapp to confirm and arrange payment options. We believe in the good old ways of human communication to get things done.


I am a small business, will there be any tax implications?

normally global employees would run as independent contractors, which would be the same as hiring a local contractor. they would invoice your company and payment is commonly done via paypal or bank transfers such as wise. if the employee resides in the same country, it would be fine to register as like any other employee taxed locally. remote work is still very new and there are alot of grey areas. some countries have 6 months residence rule, while others have tax treaties to prevent double taxation; but in general, account for the taxes and they wont bother you. if you are still worried or unsure, you can consult an accountant for rules on overseas contract work.


If you have any questions or issues, please email us at or follow us on X (twitter) @thethreepipers

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